About PVA

Portland Volleyball Association is a nonprofit organization that works to bring competitive volleyball to the Portland area and to promote friendliness and sportspersonship at different levels of competition in an all-inclusive environment. In addition to Portland City League volleyball, we also coordinate tournaments and workshops from time to time.

League play is year-round, broken up into four seasons throughout the year. During the summer, we offer outdoor sand and grass leagues. Throughout the rest of the year, play is held indoors at school gyms and community centers all over Portland.

Everybody is welcome to play in the Portland City League! We have leagues for all skill levels: Coed A, B, and C, and Womens AA, A, BB, and B. Summer leagues are: Coed Grass 4s Reverse, Coed Grass Doubles Reverse, Grass Coed 6s, Grass Womens 4s, Sand 4s, and Sand 6s.

PVA Board

Portland Volleyball Association is managed by an all-volunteer board, a paid scheduling manager, and a paid communications manager. The board meets approximately every 5-6 weeks to discuss all aspects of running the league. The current board members are as follows:

Member Title
Kristie Hopkins President
Laurie Rule Vice President
Samantha Kocher Treasurer
Penny Werner Secretary
Ronda Johnson Member at Large
Rylee Glassman Webmaster / Member at Large
Erin Clougherty Member at Large
Laurie Rule Member at Large
Melody Kayser Member at Large
Mary Maerz Member at Large
Melissa Niezgoda Member at Large